Saturday, January 21, 2017

La La Land

"La La Land" -
It has an 'old movie' feel - like "Casabalanca" or "Singing in the Rain" with a modern twist ...

The first scene – pure genius.
The last scene – pure gut wrenching.

All the scenes – wonderful. (The singing, dancing and dialogue – perfect).

I really had no idea what to expect – I watched the trailer, thought, “Wow, a musical” and we went. 

The first scene grabbed me and I wanted to jump into the movie and join them. Singing and dancing on the highway! I’m in. Perfect solution for anyone about to explode in road rage in traffic – sing and dance.

I didn’t know it would be such a tear jerker. The last 20 minutes of the film had me sobbing. I had no mascara left on when it was over. (Don’t wear make-up to this film). This film moved me on so many levels - I cried in the bathroom after the show, on the way home and then some ... (I know, pull it together right? They say crying is good for you - releases toxins - so I cried.)

Life, like jazz is full of the unexpected. The ending to this film just threw me. Sabastian is playing their song and he replays (in his mind) all the choices he’s made. During the song, he rewrites his history – (goes to la la land) just to make us cry and break our hearts. He didn’t end up with the girl – but he does have his jazz club.

Was it worth it?

That’s the beauty of the film. Art is subjective. It touches us all different.

I found myself reflecting ... I thought: "The trick is to enjoy each moment as it comes and decide what will be your focus and highest priority!"

Will you choose love?
Will you choose a career?
Will you sing and dance?
Will you create the life of your dreams with the ‘love of your life’?

Will you look back and have regrets?
Or will you smile and remember the great moments and the ways people you loved lifted and helped you along your path?" Maybe it will be a combination of both. Maybe we all live with some 'what ifs' ...

This movie is amazing. I’ve seen it twice this week – in the theater. 

I might go back next week – just so I can cry all over again and feel grateful for the artistic, creative people in the world who make these kind of films. And let myself get lost in the la la land of the movie and remember some great times in my life that lifted my heart and helped me with my dreams ...

Well done.

Cheers to jazz and acting and singing and dancing and the people we love who sometimes don't end up in our lives the way we thought they might. And cheers to the ones who do!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Inspiration from Rocky - Touch 'Em Up

My husband is a HUGE Rocky fan. When I met him, I had never seen a Rocky movie ... (to his complete shock - how could I have missed the "Rocky" movies?) Honestly, when I met him I'd seen maybe 10 movies in my life! Crazy right? I didn't grow up with a TV in my house and entertainment was not a high priority (movies that is).

So, he made sure on date nights I got Rocky educated. The first ROCKY was awesome. I couldn't believe I had lived without seeing it. It's a love story. I'm a fan of love stories. This one was especially endearing to me!

"Yo, Adrian"
The turtles
The ice skating rink date
Eye of the Tiger
The list goes on ...

I was hooked. And I've seen all the Rocky movies (several times). I'm now a huge fan too.

In addition to having a great love story, it's a great motivational series. This guy never quits. He never gives up and all the while, he chooses to make a difference.

I couldn't sleep last night so I put on "Rocky Balboa" - That movie makes me cry every time I see it.
He's still got stuff in the 'basement' and so he decides to fight again. Adrian is gone but he has a restaurant in her name. This film has great dialogue and a moving plot with some funny lines! I love his desire to have a relationship with his son and the speech he gives him out on the street is one of my favorite "Rocky" moments ever. Well done. Its one I don't mind losing sleep over. I stayed up until 1:15 am just to see the final credits roll and see him leave the roses on Adrian's grave. (Like I said earlier, I'm a sap for love stories).

It's a great series - lots of hyped up fights and ego moments highlighted with great music and a man who knows how to love and isn't afraid to 'touch 'em up' and unleash the "stuff in the basement."

It's a great reminder to 'touch 'em up' everyday and go the distance. - meet the challenges head on. Face them with confidence and passion.

After all, nothing hits harder than life.
And the winning is done as we keep moving forward!

Cheers to love stories, turtles and facing challenges 'toe to toe' -

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Find the still point ...

School was cancelled today - second day in a row. I found it interesting all the comments on Facebook from Moms this morning ... "I'm going crazy."  was a common complaint.

I get it. Snow days mean - kids are home all day with no place to go except outside. That means wet clothes, laundry and messes everywhere.

I had to smile. I used to pray for snow days - Please, let the kids stay home with me! Let us enjoy this time together. Let us enjoy the winter season ... let it snow!

I love the above quote by TS Eliot - Find the still point in the a turning world.

The world is turning - it's not going to stop. We can't get back the days that are gone. We can't get back the days we spent in negative energy or the ones we wished away.

Slow down, enjoy the moment. Enjoy the snow day. This too shall pass.

Let it snow. Enjoy the falling magic of it all ...Find the still point. Drink it in. Cherish it.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Last year's words ...

This quote is so powerful! Thank you TS Eliot for the deep thoughts  ...

Last year's words belong to last year's language.
To me, that's beautiful.

I'm ready for this year and the voice of 2017 - Hello new words and new adventures and new journeys that help us to become.

I'm listening - I'm talking - I'm using my voice.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

2017 - Focus First on Love.

It's a new year. I love new years ... It's a chance to start over. To make new goals and to move forward with renewed confidence, direction and hope!

365 new days ahead ... (well a few less because we are on day 8 of this year!)

Focus first on LOVE. I read that via the LDS website ... it touched me. My favorite word is love, my favorite action is love. I love love.

Love matters - focus on love and the right things will fall into place.So true!

No matter what goals you have for yourself, focus on love first.

Hello 2017 - Let's fall in love with each new day ...

Friday, January 06, 2017

The fridge - a place to showcase greatness!

Geometry Test: 32 out of 32 = 100%
(- 0 ) LOVE THAT.

Last night my daughter took something out of her backpack and put it on the the fridge. I walked over to see what it was - WOW - math test 32 out of 32 - 100%. I find this totally amazing as this is a high school Geometry class and she's in the 8th grade!

Made ms so happy for her. I never ever aced a math test. I failed a few ... never aced one. I love that my daughter placed her test on the fridge. It's the display board at our house. Filled with family photos, inspirational quotes and proud moments in life.

Well done LAUREN.
Stay smart.
Stay driven.
Move forward with your dreams and happy energy.

And keep posting them on our fridge!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

It's a Wonderful Life

Towards the end of last year, I gave an old piece of art a makeover ... I painted the frame gold, painted over the old flower painting with a couple of coats of thick paint and added 4 words in vinyl -

"It's A Wonderful Life"

It's one of my all time favorite movies and it's also a very empowering reminder about life and how truly great it is.

This restyled piece of art hangs in our family room. Reminder for all who enter ...Yes, life is wonderful.

PS: Our son served an LDS Mission in San Antonio, Texas and his Mission President would often say: "You might be having a bad day, but it's all part of a wonderful life!"