Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Becoming a DOUGHGIRL ...

Remember Benjamin “Bubba” Bufford-Blue from the movie Forrest Gump? He told Forrest he knew everything there was to know about the shrimping business. According to him, this shrimp cooking knowledge had been handed down from generation to generation.

Like Bubba, I come from a long line of cooks. Only my ancestors didn’t know everything there was to know about shrimp… their expertise is in another type of delicacy. It’s called BREAD. My Great Great Grandmother could do anything with bread (the kind made with yeast). And this has been handed down from generation to generation. My Mother is well known for her ability to make rolls, bread, cinnamon rolls, scones, potato rolls, pretzels, and anything else known under the sun that falls under the ‘bread category’. She knows everything there is to know about bread and making it.

Over the past holiday season, I decided to try out my 'bread abilities' ... This was a bold action on my part and I volunteered to make homemade rolls for a big Sunday night dinner
(just before Christmas).


My bread making attempt turned into comedy central
... the kids and I laughed until we cried!!
Apparently, the 'bread gene' skipped me.

According to the dinner party, the rolls tasted FANTASTIC – They didn’t look real great but they were yummy! Ahhhh - I felt a total sense of accomplishment just for taking it on!! It’s possible that my Grandma and Great Grandma were there in spirit ...

Bottom line:
I don’t know much about the ‘bread making’ business and The Bubba Bread Company is not one I intend to start anytime soon! I’ll leave that for the seasoned bread pros - Like my mom, my aunts, my sisters, and the Puffy Pillsbury doughboy.

Cheers to bread and those who make and bake it…


Alyson said...

At least you tried, and perhaps you could get good at it someday. I bet it took your ancestors a few attempts to become experts. This is a skill I'm sure my husband wishes I had. He's in love with bread. I just wished I loved any kind of cooking. I only do it because I have to. I wish I enjoyed it like others seem to do.

Tharker said...

That's great that you tried it. And hey, it doesn't always have to be pretty to taste great!

I was scared of yeast breads for years, then a few years ago I got a Bosch for my birthday from my sweet husband and...well you can't have a Bosch and NOT make bread! So I began. It took lots of attempts and lots of not so great bread products, but it finally came. It sounds like I'm bragging, (and maybe I am...just a bit) but I now know fact I rock the bread line! Sorry to be so braggy, but it's the ONE thing that I do REALLY well! And when you've only got ONE hands on talent...well you've got to flaunt it!!!!

So the moral of the story is....KEEP TRYING ;)

Wendy Christensen said...

Tiffani ... OH sure just rub it in you BREADGIRL DOUGH QUEEN!!! That was funny - nice flaunt by the way. And for the record, I have a BOSCH :) (didn't know it did the kneeding for you) ... Lesson learned!! Just a matter of how and when, and I'll be flaunting the bread right back atcha :) Good to hear from you!!

40 Forever said...

You are VERY ambitious. I'm not much of a cook myself. Even though I'm about half-Italian, I don't make my own sauce. The other day I dropped a big jar of Classico on my toe. Made me wonder if Great Grandma Cosentino was trying to punish me from up above!

Anonymous said...

Keep trying Wendy. My first attempt turned out very similar results. You are so cute--I love you!

Jennie Stanfield said...

This blog made me LOL. It will take a few more trys..the roll (dough) bug hit me in college and I have some FUNNY stories. My roommates called them the all day rolls because it took me so long and for a long time they were just yeasty. It takes some time to figure out. You go girl!

Kylene said...

I was in charge of the rolls for Thanksgiving this past year and I LOVE, LOVE my Bosch. I made 50 rolls and they turned out great. I even learned how to tie them in a knot to make them LOOK tasty. Keep at it and one of these days, post your recipe so we can all share in the yummy-ness!!

idahomayos said...

Wendy I love your sense of humor and your adventures. Thanks for making my day!

Cheers to the doughgirl:)