Friday, March 09, 2007

Breathing Space

Have you ever read a copy of Oprah’s Magazine? I have several times and enjoy the way it flows. One page just runs into the next and I love to create time to sit down and get lost in its pages. The Magazine is called O … And one of my favorite sections found in each issue is called: Breathing Space.

It’s a two page layout of a gorgeous photo and the reader is supposed to sit back and imagine that they are there. One particular issue contained a photo of the beach on the Dominican island of Cayo Levantado and we were to feel the cool water of the Caribbean lapping at our feet and savor the quiet that surrounded us… So I closed my eyes and felt myself running on the sand with the water chasing my feet. I felt the breeze from the palm trees and the sun on my face … It was lovely. (I was there!)

And when I opened my eyes – I felt rejuvenated and ready to take on the REAL space surrounding me… It’s like I took a mini vacation while sitting on the fluffy, comfy couch in the front room!

I highly recommend it. Amazing what our minds can do …!
Where will you go?

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