Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Six happy things :) -

Today has been one of the most wonderful days!! :) I am sitting here thinking about all the great things that happened today and feel the need to share a few -
{ONE} I had such a great time chatting with my sister, Jennie, via phone! I am so thankful for my sisters and the fun, loving relationship we all share... (I have 4 of them)!!
{TWO} I took a walk with my Mom along the River and it was beautiful. I enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine, the conversation and just being outside.
{THREE} My kids got home from school today and ran outside to play together.
They didn't come inside until the sun went down and when they finally
stepped inside, their cheeks were bright red!
{FOUR} We made lots of Valentines today - ahhhhh it felt good to share the love!
{FIVE} This is the first Valentine's holiday in 3 years that I am not working at a rose shop.
As much as I loved the roses and people, its nice to be home this year!
{SIX} Tonight when my daughter went to bed, she said:
"Mom, I love you up to the Moon, over to Mars, off a star, down to the ocean and back."
I said: "I love you that much too!"
Life is good. And then some :)
Cheers to the little moments that matter!


Tharker said...

Life is good. Happy Valentine's Day Wendy!

Alyson said...

What a blessed day! My day was little different, but I still tryed to think of the good.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wendy,
You have such a beautiful and simple way of putting things. You are so inspiring! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. I love you too!

Rebecca Hickman: said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!