Monday, April 21, 2008

Wendy, Tory and Kaleb - Children's poetry awards ceremony (April 2007)
{A Poet named Kaleb}

We have a little poet in our family. His name is Kaleb and last year he took 3rd place for a poem he wrote on snakes. We entered a few poems this year and he took 2nd place for his
poem called "Radio."

This weekend, he’ll get to read his winning piece at the Community Center as part of the annual children’s poetry celebration put on by our city and the YMCA. Way to go Kaleb!

Below is his winning entry -

By Kaleb Christensen

Radios sometimes have pounding music
Slow melodies
Rockin’ rock
But sometimes your radio doesn’t work

Cheers to poets and their poems - and all things lyrical ... :)
April is national poetry month - grab some Shakespeare and feed thy soul


Alyson said...

Good job, Kaleb! It's wonderful to see a young man, like himself, take an interest in poetry.

Jayci said...

Congrats Kaleb! That is a cute little poem. That is a wonderful interest to have - especially so young! I hope he keeps up with writing.

Jennie Stanfield said...

That's actually pretty deap...he's quite the insightful little person isn't he? I love that about him.

The 4 Martells said...

Wow! This is something to be proud of. It's not everybody who can write a poem and be recognized for it. Good Job Kaleb!