Friday, December 28, 2007

The end of an email
(Send one with love - It goes a long way!)

How do you end your email messages? Do you close them with - bye, adios, all the best, best, yours, yours faithfully, with love and appreciation, love, thank you, be in touch … maybe you leave the ending statement off or simply sign your name?

I find the end of emails to be so interesting – The way a person ends an email is like a little glimpse into his/her soul or mood at the moment :) ...

Below are a few of my personal closing favorites:
(I added a little commentary so you can glimpse into my reasoning on all this!)

Happy Friday!
(Adapt the happy for whatever day it is, happy Monday and so on)
I like using the word happy at the end of anything. I feel this is a way to share happiness…
Just typing the word does wonders. Happy, happy, happy …

Create a GREAT day!
Several years ago, I was an Empowerment Leader/Coach and presented seminars/classes for corporations and private groups. This phrase was very fun to use and share – still is! Get out there people and CREATE something GREAT. Create, create, create ...

May it go well with you!
I used to work for a company called Just Roses and would occasionally be asked to work in one of their shops where the customers spoke very little English and Spanish was the native tongue. My brother, Robby, was fluent in Spanish and I asked him to give me some Spanish lessons to help me better communicate with the rose shoppers. Specifically, I wanted to say something nice to them at the end of our interaction. He taught me to say: May it go well with you (in Spanish) and you wouldn’t believe the smiles that phrase brought each time I said it! (For all I know, I butchered it so bad that I was really telling them to hurry and fly to the moon) but all in all I think we had a little meeting of the minds! And the farwells were happy ...

Lastly, my favorite way to close an email is with one of my favorite words - LOVE.
So few people end anything with that word or emotion – why? Are we afraid the word LOVE
will cause more trouble than good? (Something to think about)
Let’s try in 2008 to share more positive feelings, kinder words and end with MORE LOVE.

We can do this one email at a time … Join me on my quest to ACT with MORE LOVE.
How about this ending:

Happy Friday night - CREATE a splendid Weekend ...
Sending love and always love,
PS: Que te vaya bien (kay tay vah-yah bee-ehn)!


40 Forever said...

"Fondly" is one of my favorites. Interesting post . . . I recently noticed that I use the phrase "I'm afraid that" much too often.

Wendy Christensen said...

fondly ... that's one I've not seen much of! Thanks :)