Thursday, December 06, 2007

Topics for the dinner table …

I heard it once said that you should never discuss politics or religion around the dinner table (especially true when there are guests present). Lately, don’t you find that everything ties back into religion or politics? I think that is WHAT we MUST discuss around the dinner table. Below are three topic starters – feel free to toss ‘em out over the big plates piled high
with delicious grub.
Faith and religion in America. I’d encourage you to watch Mitt Romney’s speech given earlier today about this very subject. No matter what religion or political party you belong to … I believe you’ll find his words have merit and truth. And are definitely worthy of ‘table talk’.
You can watch the Mitt Romney speech via the below link:
Gas Prices. We are in need of changes in this area. Throw out those two words in any setting and I guarantee you’ll tap into a rich source of oil price woes and disgust of our current petroleum situation. (I just walked in from filling up my rig with gas and had to laugh at myself when I went to the display board and it said: Would you like your receipt? I always press yes. It serves as tangible evidence that I actually DID spend that much on one tank). Yipes! See the banter and passions are flying already!
After the hearty meal and passionate discussions, you’ll most definitely want to wrap it all up with my favorite subject. Throw out this quote and let the emotions run wild:

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.”
~ George Sand

Cheers to dinnertime and the conversations that make it lively!

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kidsdreamspot said...

I so had to laugh about the receipt at the gas pump comment...I have those exact thoughts every time!!! In fact not too long ago I actually laughed out loud, the guy next to me said, "well, you either gotta laugh or cry!" Exactly!! Have a great day. May you get many happy miles before you have to hit the gas pump again! :)