Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Saving the Praying Mantis...

I seem to have an internal signal (a beacon perhaps) that sends a flashing light out to praying mantis creatures. They are the only ones that can sense it and are reluctant at first to receive the much needed rescuing - but in the end are grateful (I believe) to have been saved!
It's possible that they pray for my services? :)

In the past month, two praying mantises have taken advantage of my "I can save you signal." The first rescue mission occurred at the grocery store. My daughter and I were on a quick dash to grab a few things for dinner and to our surprise - there in the back of our grocery cart was a big, green praying mantis. It was hanging onto the metal cart with all its might. My daughter and I immediately knew we had a mission. This creature needed to be rescued from the store. As we shopped, the critter would move along the cart assessing the situation. It seemed tempted to jump into the fresh produce section but we assured it would be better off out of the store. At the check out stand, the cashier (who was a guy) said: "Wow, that thing is creepy. You want me to take care of it?" Lauren and I gave him a look from the dark, scary place and replied: "We love these things - we'll make sure it's safe!" Mission Accomplished, we let him go outside on a flower garden. One praying mantis safely rescued. Ahhhhhhhh ...

My second mission happened yesterday. I was making dinner and heard our dog growling outside the back door. I couldn't figure out what she was getting so upset about so I opened the back door and there on the door was a big, brown praying mantis. Sadie (our dog) felt this creature was invading her space... So I got a big stick and took the praying mantis to my rose bushes in the front yard. Another praying mantis saved!

I think I need to get a special badge to wear that says:
Proud to be a praying mantis HERO!


kidsdreamspot said...

You are my hero! Love your posts.

Anonymous said...

I just saved a Praying Mantis from the courtyard between buildings on my University's campus. Keep up saving those little creatures.