Saturday, April 26, 2008

{I hope you dance ...}

Have you ever bumped into a moment in life that brings up another moment from life? I had one of those 'bumping episodes' yesterday. Here’s what happened –

My daughter, Lauren, and my oldest son, Kade and I were dropping off some “Wiggle Like a Fish” CDs to the owner at Aunt Franny’s Toy shop. (In case you don’t know, my husband performs for kids and families). This musical adventure keeps us busy!

As I was leaving the store I noticed several guys coming out of the Tuxedo shop (located next to Aunt Franny’s toys) and realized it was prom weekend. I turned to my son and asked him if planned on attending the prom when he got older. "Yes!" He told me.

At that very moment I had a flash back to my younger years. I was a freshman in high school and my younger sister, Amy, and I wanted our older brother, Travis to go to the prom. We wanted to see him all decked out and mostly, we wanted to see his date and her gorgeous gown!
(I couldn't go to the prom until I was dating age: 16).

We devised a plan. We wrote him a letter and told him who he should ask and informed him we would pay for the date. How you ask? We had paper routes! We would pool the money together and send him to the prom. We were thrilled with our plan and slid the letter under his bedroom door.

Much to our disappointment, he didn’t go to the prom – even with our very appealing offer. In fact, he never made it to any formal dance during his lifetime. That summer, he died in a car accident.

As we drove away from the tux shop, I turned to Kade and said – “I can’t wait for you to go to the prom!” I told him about Travis and how his aunt and I offered to pay for his date and about the letter that we slid under the bedroom door.

Kade wanted to know more and as we pulled into our driveway – we were both crying.

It’s amazing how one life can leave such a lasting impression.


Jayci said...

wow. What a sad story. You and your sister are such GOOD sisters to have been willing to pay for a prom date. That is so sweet. I would have been crying too at the end of that car ride. I hope your son will enjoy his prom one day. :)

Jennie Stanfield said...

Very touching Wendy! That's about all I can say about that...very touching.

Jennica said...

This is such a cute memory of what amazing sisters you both must have been. and I'm assuming you also had amazing parents that taught you to be thoughtful and giving....But still a sad story. It must have been so hard to lose a sibling at such a young age. I can't even imagine Wendy. You are just an amazing woman......-so strong.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this story. I can't wait until Kade goes to the Prom too. I would have loved to have seen pictures of Travis at a formal dance...

Alyson said...

You are so fortunate to have such lovely memories of your brother.

Wendy Christensen said...

Thanks to all of your for your very kind comments. I learned at a very young age of 15 how fragile life is and how every moment is a gift...:)