Thursday, July 10, 2008

The power of - ‘What if’ …

Have you ever really spent time thinking about those two words? No? Let’s do a little thought investigation right now. Join me if you’d like!

{The lighter side}
This is when the words ‘what if’ are used in a positive way. For example:
What if I started training for that marathon and found out I was such a fast runner that I qualified for the Olympics with my time and ended up winning the gold?
What if I tried making those orange rolls and discovered my love of baking!
What if I applied for that new job and got it!
What if I wrote one page of that book and couldn’t stop and ended up writing the best love story of all time?
What if I told that stranger in the store how much I appreciated his/her smile …

{You don’t know the power of the dark side …}
This is when we give ‘what if’ the dark power. Ready? We're turning off the lights now.
What if I start training for the marathon and fall and break my leg and never walk again?
What if I make the rolls and I don’t use the yeast right and they blow up in the oven?
What if I apply for a job and the people reading my application laugh at my qualifications?
What if I sit down to write and I have nothing to say so I stop and then when I finally do write, no one finds it interesting?
What if I smile or look at a stranger and he/she throws a head of lettuce at me? And it hits me and I have to go to the ER for a concussion and I don't wake up for 25 years and miss out on the best years of my life?
[Hey ... you in the dark, please flip the lights back on!]

While reading that, did you feel the difference? I find it amazing how much power our words and thoughts have over our actions and life choices. If you find yourself using ‘what if’ this week, please choose the light side. I've learned to make those 2 words work wonders for my life!
What if ... Try it!! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Wendy I needed this today. Very funny about the lettuce by the way. - Kristi

Alyson said...

I really like this post because it's so true. Our thoughts have more power than we realize, which is a bit scary, but also amazing. It's good to be reminded, thank you!

Cindy said...

I'm going to remember this post when I start feeling negative. Our words and thougts are the most powerful things we have.

idahomayos said...

Wendy, you are so talented! I love the way your words are so powerful! Thanks for the reminder! What a/c goes out 24 hours after I get home in the middle of July and we make sno cones and homemade ice cream! Better way of looking at my current situation! :) Thanks!!!

Kylene said...

You are so fun! Thanks for the reminder. Your posts always make me smile.