Monday, January 05, 2009

{Before and After ...}
One of my favorite hobbies is fixing up stuff. I love to take old furniture or anything and give it a make-over :) I keep thinking that someday I'll write a book called - A Touch of Wendy :)
On Saturday my kids and I took a little day trip to visit my brother and his wife. They live in Yakima, Washington where my brother is attending medical school. My parents bought an old, charming house and have been fixing it up ... My brother and his wife are living in the house during their medical school adventure. I just fell in love with the place and couldn't help adding a few magical touches! :)
{Project 1 - A touch of RED)
(1) the kitchen drawers needed some attention! - This is the before shot -
(2) After shot... Don't you just love how the red added some pizazz to the room? ME TOO!

{Project 2 - A touch of GREEN}
Before shot - This home was built in 1941 and contained some cool, old stuff. I loved this metal paper towel holder but not the color - it just got lost in the wall.

(2) After shot - Kathy and I added a touch of green to the old fixture and then used sand paper to antique it up ... Better huh?!

I love the little things you can do to make a home even more home-ish and authentically yours :)
Cheers to before and after ....

Off to dream and do -!!

Thanks Kathy, Robby and Grant for a very fun day - we love you guys :)!!
We'll be back for more pizazz moments!!


Rebecca Hickman said...

Very nice! I admire your industriousness and talent.

Jennie Stanfield said...

Too fun Wendy. I love your little touches. I'm glad you guys got to spend some quality time in Yakima. Love you.

idahomayos said...

Wendy, You are the most talented person I think I know! How fun to pizazz up an old house! Love You!

Shaela said...

fun! If you ever do write that book, I'll be buying it! ;)

Wendy Christensen {Moments Like This} said...

Rebecca, Jennie, Stacy and Shaela - Thanks for the very positive and cheerful comments :) Off to add some pizazz to the night!!

Ruggy13 said...

I love your little projects!! I think they turned out great! Great job!! have a great weekend!

Cindy said...

It's amazing what a splash of color can do for a room. Your pizazz looks great!