Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting through the 'bumps' ...

Caution: Reading this may cause you to LOVE the 'bumps' in your life!

My Mom and I had another GREAT walk and talk a-thon this morning! This time, it was a bit warmer and the sun was shining – it felt almost like spring! Again, we found ourselves loving the outdoors and the chance to chat and spend time together!

At the half way mark of our adventure, we hit the sign (pictured above) and I couldn’t help but think this thought: “I wonder if anyone stopped right here on the path afraid to go on because the road ahead might be bumpy?”

Then my philosophical mind thought – I wonder how many people are afraid to really LIVE because the road ahead might not be smooth forever? …

For the record - we didn’t stop. We kept on walking and talking and guess what?
There were tons of bumps and it made our walk even better.

Happy Wednesday!
Cheers to the ‘bumps’ in life – And the guts to get through or over them!


Kylene said...

Amen! Thanks for always inspiring.

Wendy Christensen {Moments Like This} said...

Hi Kylene!! Thanks for always being inspiring too! :)