Monday, February 12, 2007

A Rose is a Rose.
(And love is ... love)

OK I used to work at a little rose shop ... and a while back, they called me to see if I could come in and help with the Valentine's Day season. How could I turn that offer down? Roses, people, chocolate.... (All the things I love - in one place!)

Have you ever worked in a floral shop during Valentine's Day? If not, I recommend you try it (just once). It will change your whole perspective on the power of flowers ...Talk about fun! There is something absolutely wonderful about roses/flowers and the people who buy them. I smiled all day and talked to a great deal of men wanting to give their sweetheart the perfect arrangement, bouquet wrap or single.

Below is a sample conversation - (repeated several times throughout the day) ...

"Should I buy the long stemmed red ones?"

"Choose the ones that will make her happy ... red, pink, white (a mixture is nice) ... and make sure you write her a love note!!! (WARNING: That's just as important as the roses).

"What should I say on the card?"

"That's all up to you!"

Cheers to Valentine's Day, chocolates, roses and the 'wonder of love'....
PS - don't forget to write the love note ...!

Good night,
Wendy - A rose specialist :)

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