Friday, March 06, 2009

{A Beautiful Mess}

Tory and Wendy Christensen
"Green Eggs and Ham" breakfast at the Elementary School
A Walk by the River ... Wendy & Kade

"Look! I found a lizard!"

I spend a great deal of time in the car these days. It’s funny how the journey of motherhood evolves. When the kids are little it’s a miracle to get everyone packed up and out the door. Now, it’s a miracle if we have a day when we can stay home!

Luckily, we have some great options for filling the air via our everyday commutes. Sometimes, we’ll listen to a book on CD, sometimes random radio shuffle, often times the 80s, and occasionally its quiet.

Earlier this week during one of the random radio shuffles, I bumped into a really great song by Diamond Rio called – “What a Beautiful Mess.”
Later – when the kids were all in bed and the house was all quiet… I thought to myself -
I love the beautiful mess I’m in!

Lauren ...


NaDell said...

You always have such nice things to say about everything. Maybe next year we can make it to the Green Eggs and Ham breakfast.
I'm so excited to work with you in the PTA next year, VP!
Where is Lauren at for that picture? It's so pretty.

Shaela said...

where in the world are those fun little rock caves? you had me laughing about how motherhood evolves, I can totally see that happening to me in a few years! We have General Conference on cd and it is always what we listen to in the car. We just leave it in and pick up where we left off last time. We end up hearing our leaders' talks 10-12 times through before the next conference, which helps me feel as though we're following the counsel of Pres. Harold B. Lee when he said that the talks in General Conference should "be the guide to [our] walk and talk during the next six months". :)