Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Live Inspired" by Michelle Sedas (You could win a copy of this wonderful book!)

What does living an inspired life mean to you? This question made me sit down and really reflect on what an inspired life looks like. And what it means to LIVE it.

You might be wondering what caused me to have this question in the first place. So, I’ll tell you. A friend of mine named Michelle Sedas just recently released a book titled: “Live Inspired.” And she graciously sent me a copy to enjoy.

This book is a compilation of people’s thoughts and feelings on what it means to live an inspired life. The collection of responses really helped me appreciate more fully the gift of life and the moments we have to live, love, laugh and learn!

Below are a few excerpts from the book –
“Lift your head when you go outside and remember that if you can feel the sun on your face or the rain gets you wet or you are cold, then you are alive … and that’s a great feeling!”
~Sherrie Carroll

“Living inspired is a call to rise above the mundane. It’s going forward and reaching out. It’s having ears to hear what is being said in the heavenlies and grabbing hold of it for today.”
~Eve Kline Evans
I like how Michelle blends the pictures and quotes on each page to create a beautiful collection of art and inspiration. It is also a workbook (with space to write) so as you read the pages, you can jot down thoughts and impressions of your own as you journey to what living inspired means to you.

Feel free to visit Michelle online via her website at:
Read my interview with Michelle at Book Beginnings ...
PS: If you would like a chance to win a copy of LIVE Inspired … simply leave a comment and I’ll draw a winner from all the responses.
Live inspired to me means – To love what I do with the people I love and make a difference along the way!
What does live inspired mean to you?!


NaDell said...

Hmmm, live inspired to me means to do things that I know I should do, but with some space left open for inspiration. That sounded redundant. You know what I mean, right? Maybe I need to win the book so I can explain my thoughts better. =)

Kylene said...

I know where the source of all good inspiration comes from. If I want to live inspired, I must live my life close to Him so that I recognize when He's trying to lead me and use me to lift (and inspire) others.

Terresa said...

To live inspired means to follow your heart at every possible moment. Also, to be in the moment, present, and giving to others.

The book sounds wonderful!