Friday, February 12, 2010

What do Mick Jagger, Elaine (from Seinfeld), Napoleon Dynamite and Patrick Dempsey have in common?

Patrick Dempsey "Can't Buy Me Love" / 1987

ANSWER: When it comes to dancing ... THEY throw caution to the wind! :)
(See them in action - simply click on the gray text below and enjoy the show!)

Mick Jagger (1967) -
"Paint it Black"

Elaine from Seinfeld
Getting it started!

Napoleon Dynamite
"Vote for Pedro"

Patrick Dempsey
"Can't Buy Me Love" (1987)
African Anteater Ritual


What's your authentic style? Use it this Valentine's Day - put yourself out there and enjoy the results :) ....!

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Shaela said...

AHAHAHAHA!!! I can always count on you to start my day off with a smile. :)