Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The little moments that matter ... enjoy them!

I was working in my yard today and had to smile about the simple things around me that add so much happiness to my life. Below are a few -

Lauren making me breakfast on Mother's Day ...

Kade and Kaleb cooking the eggs ...
(Mother's Day breakfast)
More kitchen moments ... I feel so thankful to be a MOM! :)
Thanks guys for the breakfast - I love you.

Another simple pleasure: Flowers by the front door of our new/old house. Every time I walk in or out I can't help but smile and feel thankful for the splendid world we live in. :)
What are you thankful for right now? What simple things in your life are you grateful for?
Little quote I like -
"To me life is simply an invitation to live." ~ Sean O'Casey

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