Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My son's first High School basketball game ...

Setting the scene:
First game of the season. I walk into the school gym (we traveled 2 1/2 hours away to be there) and there he was in his official high school basketball uniform and the tears started to fall. (My tears.)

What is going on? I thought to myself. And then little memories started to flood my mind. The day he was born – I was 23 and he was so little. I looked at him and knew my world had forever changed. The day he decided he needed a pair of wings – I was 25 and he wanted to fly. For the record, I made him wings for about 3 years. He never flew but he felt cool in all those wings! The day he started Kindergarten – I was older. He ran into the classroom full of wonder and awe and shouted: “Good bye Mom”! The day he started Jr. High – I didn’t want to drop him off. But I did and he loved it. (Yes, all of those little memories flashed through my mind as I sat on the hard bleachers staring at my teenage kid wearing purple and gold)!

So I let a few tears fall and enjoyed every moment of that first game. They lost by 35 points but he learned a lot and played a lot and I walked out of the gym feeling really proud of my oldest son ... who just keeps reminding me that time is a gift and what we do with it matters.


Shaela said...

wow - I can't believe he's in high school! Time seems to go faster each year, doesn't it? It's so important to take these slow and remember every moment. :)

Kylene said...

I teared up as I read this...happy tears. Sometimes those moments hit me out of the blue too. Like today, in Hallie's classroom. I was simply volunteering and every so often I would glance over at Hallie and watch her with the other kids. As I watched her, I felt that little tug on my heartstrings and that little lump climb up into my throat. I'm so glad to be a mother.