Friday, February 25, 2011

For my sister - Amy ...

The BIG puddle

Happy Birthday Amy …

I was blessed to be born into a home with lots of children and to two parents who loved each other very much. Some of my fondest memories of growing up are my adventures with my sister, Amy. I am two years older than her and we spent a great deal of time together as kids. We shared a paper route, shared a bedroom, shared clothes, fought over clothes, shared laughs, shared tears, shared dreams and most of all shared our growing up years!

Not too long ago on a rainy day, I found myself at the BIG Puddle. This puddle was one of our favorite places to run to as kids. It was a very short distance from our house but running to the big puddle was like freedom and escape from the mundane. There was something wrong with the drain system around this particular corner and the water would just puddle up and out into the streets. This puddle seemed like a little river to us! We loved to splash in it and hunt for worms and pretend we were in another country – like Australia.

Then when we were done pretending and imagining we would make our way back home.

Every time I find myself at this particular little corner – I think of my sister and wonderful times we shared as kids. And I can’t help but smile and appreciate the little things (like a puddle) and the big things (like sisters)... that help us become who it is we are.

So today – I wish my dear sister, Amy, a very happy birthday! Thanks for being such a wonderful sister and friend. (I love you).

PS: I hope your day is filled with loving memories, happy moments and lots of smiles!

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Erica said...

I love this post Wendy! I love that I have sisters.