Monday, March 19, 2012

Celebrating 9 years of little moments!

Every Author starts somewhere ... Read more about my journey HERE.

My first book signing at Wild Goose Designs in Richland, WA ....

It's been 9 years since I wrote my "Little Moments" book. Amazing how fast time flies! When I finished writing the book, I remember feeling really timid about sharing it with other people. We can thank FEAR for that. So many times, fear stops us from doing or even attempting the very things we long and dream of doing!

I'm no longer afraid to share my ideas, my thoughts or my little 'moments' ... :)
Feels good to say that! Over the past 9 years, I've been able to share my positive attitude and perspective via TV, radio, newspaper, Internet and in live events. Thanks to the book, I was hired as a Literary Publicist and continue to LOVE that area of work and creativity in my life!

I've enjoyed every moment and thank everyone who has helped and been part of this amazing journey! What I know for sure, is this -

As we dare to dream and take the steps necessary to make our dreams real, the doors open and as we continue to walk through them and learn - we find ourselves LIVING the dreams we had only dreamed about doing! Feels good. Today, take that step (break through the fear) and chase down a dream! You can do it - it all happens one little moment at a time.

Please enjoy a complimentary copy of "It's the Little Moments that Matter" ...
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Wendy Christensen
Author. Speaker. Publicist

Slow down and enjoy the little moments - because they matter!

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