Monday, November 25, 2013

The power of a smile ...

This is an old family photo from 2003. We recently moved into a new home and this move facilitated a major de-junking party as the space in our garage could not handle all the stuff we had accumulated over the years.

As we were making our way through the boxes, I happened upon a stash of old photos. This put a stop to the sorting and throwing away as I had to immediately sit down and enjoy the memories contained with each photo!

The above family shot was taken by my sister, Jennie, on a very sunny Saturday afternoon at the park. It was freezing outside and I remember just hoping we could get one shot of all of us smiling.

We did.

To this day, this photo remains one of my all-time favorites. We are now in the middle of the teenage years and on especially challenging days, this photo reminds me that we can smile and when we do, it makes all the difference!

This holiday season, turn your smile on - let it shine BIG and BRIGHT. The outcome will amaze you...

Family Home Evening idea:
Gather family or individual photos of each member sharing a smile. Hand them out and talk about the memories each photo contains. Enjoy the spirit that comes from remembering happy family times! Share what you appreciate about each member of the family and why their smile makes a difference. :)

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