Thursday, December 12, 2013

He took a day off to spend time in the kitchen (with me) ...

Can you blame a gal who gets excited about a man in an apron holding a bag of chocolate and a spatula?
I love surprises. Always have. But this one really (excuse the pun) - takes the cake!

My husband took a day off so he could spend the day in the kitchen with me ...

We made all sorts of Christmas treats and decided it will be an annual tradition.

Sugar cookies, fudge, pumpkin bars, & toffee
Homemade with love ... :)

Thanks for a fun day. You wear that apron oh so well!
We might have to open a bake shop together one day - by the ocean.
On the menu: Lots of lemon and pumpkin and chocolate.
A girl can dream right?

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