Tuesday, January 07, 2014

What is special to you?

Spe.cial: especially important or loved

It's Tuesday. Yesterday was Monday ... I've had my family home for the Christmas and New Year's holiday for 2+ weeks! My husband works in education so he's off when the kids are off. It was a wonderful break. We enjoyed every moment together and when everyone goes back to 'school' I miss them. And the house is extra quiet.

Luckily, my oldest, has a break between his school schedule and stops in each day to regroup and have lunch. I make sure I'm here because I love our lunch times together!

I was folding laundry when he walked in and he asked me a simple question - Mom, what's special to you?

Great question. There are a lot of things that are special to me. But the most important and special things in my life are not things. They are people. People are special.

So here's a little list of what's special to me -

My husband. My children. My relationship with Heavenly Father. My family. My life. My ability to make a difference. The ability to become and grow. The ability to lift another person along their journey of life. The ability to laugh, love, live and learn. 

All in all, life is special. Every day is a gift and what we choose to do with it matters.

Thanks for lunch Kade and thanks for being so special to me and my life!

I love you -

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