Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What's GREAT about this?

The dead skunk

Our daughter was very excited for school today because there was an Author coming to visit and the entire school could wear PJs in his honor – as one of his titles is about pajamas. She picked her outfit carefully and was ready for a great day!

Her science project art board was also due today. She was ready – wearing fluffy sheep PJs, carrying her lunch bag and juggling her science art board, backpack strapped to her back and carrying a helmet for circus arts in PE. An adorable sight! (To me, the mom).

As we were driving, we saw a dead skunk in the road. "Poor skunk", I said. Her only comment was - it stinks soooo bad. Our drive to school takes about 10 minutes so we had time to think about the skunk and it's life.

Upon arrival to the school we were both very surprised that no one else was in PJ's. She was the ONLY one wearing PJ's. 

My daughter walked to the front door of the school – and with each step lost confidence in her fluffy, pink sheep PJ's. 

Someone at the door informed her that the pajama and Author day was tomorrow.

Thank heavens I lingered in the drop off line - she was able to find peace and solitude in the family car.
And regroup! My daughter is the most organized, collected and sophisticated kid I have ever known. So this was not a normal event. She does not like surprises and plans out everything. As she sat in the car beating herself up for getting the PJ/Author day wrong I said "It is OK, this will be OK!" And I told her how I loved her energy and enthusiasm for the spirit days at school.

And as we drove home, I tried to play the ‘What’s GREAT about this game?’

What’s great about this is…we get more time together in the car this morning. What’s great is that your outfit for tomorrow is all ready. What’s great is this is the first time ever in your entire elementary school career that you have ever been tardy for school. What’s great about this is we get to drive by the dead skunk 2 more times this morning.

“Look, I said, there’s that dead skunk again.” She smiled, and laughed.

Thank you dead skunk – your stench and life were not useless. You helped us laugh on a rather challenging morning and we thank you for it.

She will wear the fluffy, pink sheep PJ's tomorrow. :)

PS: So glad that everything ALWAYS works out.
And so thankful for the little moments in life that help us to laugh, grow and become.

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NaDell said...

I started reading that and was super worried about her since I know author/pajama day is tomorrow! "There's always something to be glad about." -Pollyanna.