Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday Wisdom: Learn to select your thoughts

Wouldn't you agree? It takes effort to have a great wardrobe, to work out, to have good relationships, to excel at your job and to be happy!

Effort is another word for work. If you want something to last, or to be good, or to have meaning - you work for it. Well, that's my philosophy.

I bumped into the above quote today and agree. It's true, you can put forth effort to have happy thoughts. It's a learned skill. One you work on every day. :)

Wisdom: Choose your thoughts and live a life you love. Fill your mind with the good stuff and see the impact it has on you and others around you. Positive energy inspires, lifts and edifies.

Out negative thought. Out. - Oh, there's a good, uplifting thought, I choose you!

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