Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bye-Bye Fear ... I think I CAN!

Fear. It's a real part of life! It can knock us to our knees and stop us from doing most of the things we want and dream of.

I bumped into some fear this week and really had to battle through it! Our minds are so powerful - whatever we tell it, our mind seeks proof to substantiate the thought. If we think we can't - our minds will prove to us that we can't. The same holds true if we think we can. I've learned it's better to believe you can and keep moving forward! The I can't stops us - every time.

What is it you want to accomplish? Believe you CAN and move forward!

I remember reading a quote once about success and it stuck with me. It went something like: 90% of success is showing up. I love that. Show up. Be in the game. Swing the bat, take a chance and BELIEVE in yourself!

Never let the fear of striking out - keep you from playing the game!
- Babe Ruth

Today - take a swing! You got this ...

Bye-bye fear. I think I CAN ...

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