Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Travis Lichfield Award 2015

Travis Lichfield AKA: LICH (read more about him here)

With my parents and our good friend, Trevor Larson - He ran Cross Country with my brother and I

Congrats to Jacob Gill

Congrats to Katie Andrus

Richland Bomber Cross Country team / Awards Night

I gave each recipient a photo and a pair of black socks

My mom and the Gill family ... Congratulations!

With Katie Andrus

I was invited to present the Travis Lichfield award last night at the Richland Bomber Cross Country Banquet. It was an incredible opportunity and a night I won't soon forget.

I said a prayer that I wouldn't cry.
I said a prayer that my message would lift and inspire!
I believe Travis was there with all of us!

Special thanks to Trevor Larson for sharing a few thoughts and memories.

I ended my comments with this write-up from my fellow teammate - Christine Hess (class of '88)

It's been 27 years since I was a Bomber alongside Travis Lichfield, but I can still clearly see him running in my mind's eye. Not running, exactly, but floating. I see him rounding a curve on the track surrounded by heads bobbing and arms crossing their bodies. Towards the front of the pack was Travis. Long, skinny legs, black socks and impossibly long stride. Arms in a relaxed swing by his sides. You see, Travis had perfect form. He was one of the lucky few who was born to run. He ran efficiently and, well, beautifully. I recognized it even as a 16-year old. When we distance runners ran strides at the end of practice, I would try to emulate Travis's stride, try to capture some of that magic. When I went on to compete in college, and I was pushing myself against a much tougher crowd, I'd get tired and realize my form was suffering. In my head, I'd think to myself "Run like Travis." But his perfect form is not to say his success came without effort. He had the heart to back it up. He worked hard. We never got to see what Travis would have accomplished as a senior or as a collegiate runner. But it makes me smile to know that there are other runners carrying his torch. I was so happy to hear that fellow athletes who embody the same spirit are given an award in his name each year. As one who ran with him, I hope they understand the honor it is to stand in his company and that they continue to carry that spirit forward in everything they do.

I didn't cry. Well, not until I got home! And then, I let the tears fall - It was a good cry. One full of gratitude, memories and love!

Thanks Richland Bomber Cross Country for letting me be part of your special night! And for giving this award out for the past 26 years.

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