Monday, January 08, 2007

{Entertainment} - Something affording pleasure or amusement,esp. a performance.

OK I have to admit - I love the movies! And when I see a great show I simply must talk about it. There are three movies I recently watched that deserve a little 'blog attention'.

The first one is - Rocky Balboa. This was a great, inspirational movie! If you are a Rocky fan, it's a must see. My favorite scene is the one between Rocky and his son (on the street) outside Rocky's restaurant. It's inspiring and I believe all sons deserve a speech like that one - if necessary (from their fathers) during their lifetime. I highly recommend this movie. It's a show for guys and gals. :) Rated: PG

Second show worthy of some 'blog space' is - the latest James Bond movie. Casino Royale. I must admit I was sad when the movie people announced that Pierce Brosnan would no longer be the 007... Alas, this new guy was fabulous for the part. This movie shows us the softer side of James Bond and he actually bleeds, hurts and we see his cuts and bruises. He also falls in love and well - I won't ruin the story line for you. It's pure BOND... (full of action, beautiful people and twists that make your head spin). Rated: PG-13

The third movie is - Charlottet's Web. This is a movie for the entire family. :) Julia Roberts is the voice of Charlotte... take the kids and a few kleenex. (I cried)... Rated: G

OK folks - that's all for now.

{The End}

PS -
Feel free to throw your garbage away once the show is over....
And you can turn your cell phones back on now :)

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