Monday, November 13, 2006

Imaginiff ….

OK have you ever played this game? If not, I highly recommend that you do! And I’ll tell you why in a moment. First, I need to tell you about my wonderful weekend (and yes, Imaginiff was a part of it!)

It all began Thursday with a phone call alerting me that one of my sisters was in town. She drove (over 9 hours) with her two little children to come home and visit. I didn’t know she was coming so this news was pure happiness for me to hear! I’m the oldest of 5 girls in my family and we are scattered here and there - so getting together is something I love!

And when you’ve got one sister in town, why not try to get together with more sisters?
So, on Friday, we packed our kids (and our Mom) into my sister’s mini van and drove two and a half hours away to meet up with two more of our sisters! We had a surprise birthday party, went shopping, shared lunch at an Italian Café and enjoyed every moment! There were lots of hugs and I love you and we even sang together – more of the stuff I love!

On the drive home from our ‘sister’s reunion’ (we were only missing one sister), I couldn’t help but feel completely grateful to belong to such a sweet family. My sisters are truly some of my very best friends.

And to top it off, we gathered at my parent’s home last night for a very yummy dinner and a game of Imaginiff. And when the game piece landed on my name the following question was read …

Imaginiff… Wendy were a car. Which would she be?
Family Sedan
Pick-up truck
Rolls Royce
Red Ferrari
Volkswagen Beetle
Dune Buggy

The reasoning behind the answers was a riot! Most everyone decided I was either a Rolls Royce or a Red Ferrari…Expect my Dad – he had a different view point. We’ll have a fun time with this ‘game night’ for years to come. Thanks to this funny game, we learned a lot about each other and why we see each other the way we do. (It was really quite insightful!) And yeah, laughter was abundant!

And tonight as I said goodbye to two of my sisters (I’ve never been fond of goodbyes) … I hugged them each and appreciated again the dear friends they are to me and couldn’t imagine life without them.

PS – I’m grateful that THEY see me as a Rolls Royce and not a family sedan :)

It’s ok Dad …. We’re even. When everyone else sees you as a wise man I’ll still see you as one of the three musketeers!

Imaginiff all weekends could be so wonderful!

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