Monday, June 13, 2011

A 'Toy Story' Moment ...

It's the first day of summer ... my kids are home and there's really not too much officially planned. Days like today are rare and I enjoy them!

We decided we could use the day to go through the toys and clothes and make a run to Goodwill with all the unwanted items. We were doing great until we reached the bin of stuffed animals.

There is something about stuffed animals that pulls at the heart strings. We decided we were not going to be emotional about the 'dejunk' and just started tossing toys into the big bag.

Everything came to a halt when I grabbed a little Beanie Baby mouse named Cheezer. This little guy was once white (like the one pictured above) but due to years of love is now worn and grey. His little black eyes are scratched almost to clear now and he's not so fuzzy.

No emotion - I was just going to toss it into the bag. Nope, couldn't do it. I looked into those little mouse eyes and was immediately transported back to the doctor's office and was sitting next to my son, Kaleb, who was scared out of his mind for the unavoidable shots that were coming next.

I looked into his big blue eyes and told him to be tough and that the shots would be over soon. I also promised him we could go for ice-cream and pick out a new Beanie Baby pet if he was really brave.

He was brave and only shed a couple of tears and Cheezer (the little mouse) became his new best friend.

It was a Tory Story 3 moment - only I couldn't let the mouse go. No, he stays with me and someday when Kaleb's son or daughter needs to be really brave, I'll remind them of their dad and his little mouse that brought him years of magical fun.

Happy summer and cheers to the little moments that matter!


Marilee Matheson said...

Loved meeting Cheezer! I have a "Cheezer" at my house, too -- a tattered teddy bear who reminds me of the little girl who once loved it.

ginnysaurusrex said...

That is such a cute little story / memory! My son is only 3 but we recently went through his toys to pack up the "baby" toys to give to our friend's 8 month old. It broke my heart how easily he parted with some of the baby toys that held so many memories for me! I have a feeling next time around won't be so easy.