Monday, November 20, 2006

< going back in time! That's my husband and I wearing 80's costumes for a dance...

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s hard to believe that it’s holiday season already! Where do the years go?
I remember as a kid, the holidays took forever to get here. Now, I blink and it’s time for turkey, Christmas trees and New Year’s Eve parties.

Speaking of parties, my husband (he’s a counselor at a local high school) and I were able to chaperone a high school dance last Saturday night. It was a girl ask guy dance and the theme was: back to the 80s. Most of the kids dressed up…There were lots of girls in legwarmers and short skirts. I didn’t see very much BIG hair (from the 80’s) or the plastic bracelets adorning arms, neon shirts or big black belts. It was more a mixture of 70’s and whatever. The dance moves were all modern! And like nothing I’ve ever seen …

Yes, we dressed up and it was fun to be a part of ‘history’… It’s a strange feeling to be chaperoning a dance where kids are dressing up from the days we were actually in high school. It made the reality of years flying by all that more real!

This time of year always makes me feel thankful for the people, places and events that have helped shape my life. I am truly thankful for so much!
(Yes, even the fact that the years are flying by and that high school kids are dressing up like the 80s!) Both serve as little reminders that it’s great to be alive and that time is a precious thing!

Cheers to family, friends, turkey, pumpkin pie, being alive and the retro 80s!!

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