Monday, June 04, 2007

Invite Happiness IN!

To request the presence or participation of
in a kindly or courteous way

Dear Happiness,
I invite you to join me today
in all my little moments!
(Try saying that out loud!)

How did that feel? Have you ever simply invited happiness in? Happiness is a sensitive creature it comes and goes (in most people’s lives.) I believe many of us have forgotten how to treat ‘happiness’! I like to think of happiness as a dear friend. And without her, my life would be quite empty and dull.

Close your eyes and picture in your mind someone who is very dear and special to you. How do you feel when you think of this person? Now close your eyes and picture yourself without this person in your life. It’s probably a hard thing to imagine!

That’s how I think of happiness! I can’t imagine life without it! So, in order to keep it and have it – I must treat it special. And my little, unique and creative way to do that is to simply invite her to join me all the time!
(I think ‘happiness’ likes that and is more apt to stay.)

This little moment matters –
Here’s the invitation I use (feel free to borrow it – or make your own!) You may want to post this around your home or in the car.

Dear ‘Happiness’,
You are invited to join me in my journey called LIFE!
When – Always!
Where – Everywhere!
Time – 24/7
Place – My home, my heart, my LIFE!
Thank you!
I’m so glad you’re part of my little moments.
(Your name here.)
Excerpt from "It's the Little Moments that Matter"
26 simple steps to enrich every moment of your life!
By Wendy L. Christensen


Tharker said...

I love your zest for happiness! Isn't is infectious? I don't have time to mope around and feel sorry for myself, I would much rather enjoy life and be happy with it. It sure makes life much more fun when we invite her in! Thanks for your inspiration Wendy, you're fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Happy is as happy does :) ... Thanks for the kind note!

Anonymous said...

I love your letter inviting happiness into our lives. It is so true...we choose, we open the window and the door and we decide each day to invite happiness to the table. Beautiful words of inspiration Wendy!