Thursday, March 06, 2008

{Finding Your Way}
I recently read an article called: “Using Butterfly Time, We Can Learn Secrets Of Our Own ‘Clocks’ – By Robert Lee Hotz (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 8, 2008)

This article was very fascinating and talked about the millions of monarch butterflies that migrate from Mexico to Canada each year.

My favorite quote from the article is this –
"What good is a butterfly?"
“….A butterfly can tell you about the fundamental biology of all creatures
on this earth. There is something fundamental about finding your way.”

Isn’t that beautiful? I thought so too – all of us are here to find our way. Just like the 55 million (or more) butterflies that form their majestic seasonal rite from Mexico to Canada,
we too must find our way …

Cheers to the journey and the beauty of our ‘migration’.
To learn more about the monarch migration please visit the link below -
The Journey North


The 4 Martells said...

Butterflies are so beautiful. I just love to read all your good insights. So uplifting! Thanks

Wendy Christensen said...

I love butterflies too and found this story to be really inspirational ... I'm glad it lifted you too. I find it amazing all the things we learn about from the critters, world around us :)