Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Inspiration from the 'greens' of March
By Wendy Christensen
(Published in the Tri-City Citizen March 11, 2008)

Have you ever stopped to think about the colors that decorate our lives? I recently read an interesting article about the colors that surround us and the impact they have on our attitudes, actions and happiness. I learned that the color red has the amazing ability to add energy to our lives and that by wearing red, one can increase his or her happiness. This color discovery caused me to do a little reflection on the color green and the role it plays in the month of March. Be on the lookout! Green shows up everywhere and offers inspiration to all who stop and pay attention.

First, the winter begins to fade away and we see traces of spring in the leaves, grass and flowers. The garden section at local stores, have spring plants that beg for homes of their own. I usually grab a few to help them feel secure and I think they appreciate having a pot/place to grow and take root. These color spots add cheer to my home and it’s a way to celebrate the beginning of a new spring season. If I’m really lucky, the tulips make their entrance and add a flare to the yard as well. The color green in the leaves and plants remind me of new beginnings and renewed hope.

Second, the green garden hose and tools usually get pulled from the shed and find their place in the yard. Those of us lucky enough to have a desire to exercise the ‘green thumb’ muscles start to think about the garden and see images of green plants growing tall and boldly in the ground. The green tools and garden design ideas help me appreciate the ability I have to work and for the wonder of the earth, power of the sun and the miracle of seeds.

Third, shamrock shakes appear in local restaurants. I love the taste of this green, frothy drink which makes its entrance a week or so before St. Patrick’s Day. When the reader boards around town read: “Shamrock Shakes now here” I smile and know that its time for the entire family to get in line for the best green drink of the year! This particular green beverage inspires me to feel the luck of the Irish and to appreciate the diverse flavors and traditions of the foods and people around me.

Fourth, celebration items for St. Patrick’s Day can be found everywhere. Green plates, green napkins, green utensils, green St. Patty’s day buttons, green sunglasses, green drinks, green goblins, green clover fabrics, green roses, green leaping leprechauns, green t-shirts, and isles of green cards. The list of available St. Patty’s day merchandise grows larger each year. And every year as St. Patrick’s Day approaches, I feel thankful for our celebrating spirit and the abundance we enjoy in this country.

Lastly, green means GO. The green light at the intersection beckons drivers to step on the gas and move forward. I personally love to hit all the lights green (especially down George Washington Way in Richland). And these green lights cause me to smile and they signal my inner self to want to move forward in other ways as well. For me, the color green inspires knowledge, learning, life, vigor and new beginnings.

The next time you encounter green, learn from it and let it propel you forward.
Go with the green!

PS: Green will come in handy on March 17th –
don’t be caught without it or a pinching frenzy is sure to occur.

Wendy Christensen is a local writer and a publicist for Mapletree Publishing Company.
She can be reached via her website:


The 4 Martells said...

I can't wait to try a shamrock shake. Thanks for the insight and extra time working out after I drink.

Sara said...

I love this green post. Colors do have such an amazing impact on our lives. I love that wonderful color. Go Green.

Chocouette said...

Green means Go! When March rolls around and the green decor is hung it is like a signal of life renewed - the official start of the new year.

Thanks for sharing.

Jennica said...

I loved this green shoutout post! I just feel happier this month, because of the green colors all around. I'm totally going to go and try this shamrock shake you've been talking about and I hope to hit all the green lights on the way!

Alyson said...

I feel the same way about green! Can't wait until the trees are full of green!

And thank goodness for green food coloring. We always have fun coloring our pancakes green on St. Patrick's Day!

Oh, and one interesting fact - when I was living in England, I discovered that it was an American custom to pinch someone who's not wearing green. They'd never heard of it before.

Kylene said...

You are AMAZING! What a fun article. Such a talent you have! My kiddos and I will have to go do a little 'shakin' at our local McD's.