Friday, December 19, 2008

The paper Jacob Marley costume ...

Becoming Jacob Marley ...(The ghost in "A Christmas Carol")
{Take 1}
Here's the situation - My son (who is in middle school) announces that he MUST have a Jacob Marley costume for the next day. This costume he informs us will be a major part of his grade. So, we became very busy creating a ghost suit...Yes, we decided to make a paper shirt. Laugh with us please ...! Oh it was comedy central!!! "Ah Mom I can't move my arms in this..."
{Take 2}We turned the one-of-a-kind designer paper shirt into a tank top .... snip snip off with the bulky arms. (stitching - staples). We then added one of Dad's big white dress shirts to the mix!
{Take 3}
Ta dah - Jacob Marley costume!! :)
Please notice the lovely paper chain hanging from the ghost's neck.

Producer notes:
The costume was a HUGE hit ... The teacher was so taken with the creation, she gave him extra credit. (Thank you thank you - bow) ...

Cheers to creative moments at home ... and to Jacob Marley.


babbler said...

At first I thought you were making a reggae looking costume, I had Bob Marley on the brain! This was a great post. You should get another award!

Wendy Christensen {Moments Like This} said...

Welcome babbler :) - I love the slug stuff you have going on via your blog ... VERY funny and creative (two things I love)!!! I like Bob Marley too alas this was the "Christmas Carol" Marley!

babbler said...

Thanks for coming over for a visit to Slug's Rest! I'm so glad you did! I can tell you are a very creative family and it is a pleasure to know you are out there. I am going to check out your website and books, I am intrigued. We have a frog in our household, just thought you might like to know! The frog is a source of constant enjoyment. It was fun to see a picture of a frog on your book. I'm on my way back over to your website now....with a nice glass of eggnog. I will keep a lookout for more fun posts from you as we all get snowed in this year! Thank goodness for modern technology:)
Barb a.k.a. Mrs. Slug

Cindy said...

I love the paper chain! Mom comes to through again!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Don't you love last minute announcements of assignments due? You did a great job of making it work! He looks awesome.

Jacob said...

This cracks me up Wendy! Way to go with that costume...he looks awesome.

Baylie said...

ahaha wendy and kade this is awesome
u know, we cant all be so creative with paper!
i miss u guys SOOO much!
hope u had an amazingly perfect christmas! love you and check out my blog!


Shaela said...

lol - love it!!