Wednesday, December 03, 2008

{The no-smile, grumpy old lady drive by encounter}

The following scene is real and continues to happen day after day after day ..

Monday thru Friday, I drive down a certain street at 11:30 AM. I’m heading north. The car that passes me every day at the same place and time is heading south. The lady in the car is anything but happy. And if she is listening to anything my guess is its “Doom & Gloom” radio. You see, every day I see this person. She is older and her face is full of anger and ‘disgruntled with life’ look. It’s possible the topic for today’s “Gloom” show is – how to look angry all the time. Perhaps that is her favorite episode and she has it on repeat? I don’t know. (I secretly wish I could put something else on her radio…) Maybe she could use a little positive re-programming?

You see, I have this desire to see her smile – just once this year. So when I get to the very spot that I know we are going to pass – I look her directly in the eyes and SMILE. (The turtle photo above gives you a glimpse into the north & south daily encounter).

Does it work? No – never.
Will I give up? No - never.

‘Drive by’ stats for 2008 –
Grump Lady : NO SMILES (yet)
PS: There’s hope: 28 days left in 2008 – there’s still time for a miracle…. :)


Cindy said...

I hope you get a smile :) She obviously needs one badly.

NaDell said...

You're cute!
I try to at least smile a little when I pass by people driving. I don't want to look all upset all the time.
Good work!

Kylene said...

Well, you sure made me smile! You are just so great! I hope you know that.

Anonymous said...

If anyone can make someone smile---it's YOU WENDY! I love you.

Shaela said...

I'm so glad I found your blog!! don't give up - you're so contagiously happy I'm sure it will ooze out your car and into hers at some point :)