Thursday, June 25, 2009

Everything has a voice ... (except for worms) ~ Kaleb age 5

Photo Moment: Kaleb (age 5) 2003

Back in 2003, my sister Erica had me conduct a little survey with my son, Kaleb who was 5 at the time. The survey was part of an assignment from her Child Development class in college. She sent me the questions and asked me to have him answer them. Easy enough right? I still remember how fun it was to see his little mind work and feel his excitement over each new question.

His answer to question #4 stays with me to this day: Why do birds sing?
Hummmmm - Because they have a voice. Everything has a voice - except for worms.
Birds like to sing - I've been thinking about that.

I was reminded of my son’s response today as I read a blog post by Stephen R.Covey -

(Below is an excerpt)
“I wrote in the 8th Habit that the crucial challenge of our world today is this: to find our voice and inspire others to find theirs. On page 104 I specifically wrote about the effects of the internet in the democratization (finding voice) of our world.

"The Democratization of Information/Expectations
No one manages the internet. It is a sea change of global proportion. For the first time in history the pure voice of the human spirit rings out in millions of unedited conversations unfettered by borders. Real-time information drives expectations and social will, which ultimately drive the political will that impacts every person."

His insights about the value and importance of finding our voice and inspiring others to find theirs really hit a spot with me. So true -Everything has a voice. And every one of us has the right and honor to use it!

So my question to you is …
Do you realize the importance of your voice?
Have you found it? Are you using it? Do you inspire others to find theirs?

Below is the complete survey by my son Kaleb at age 5 in 2003:

1. Where does the sun go at night? In outer space. I know b/c I've seen it in a book. The sun likes it there.

2. Why is the grass green? Because Heavenly Father made it that way. He can turn the grass green. I've thought a lot about that!

3. Why do we have snow? Because when it's winter and it's raining the raindrops of the rain turn into snow.

4. Why do birds sing? Hummmmm - Because they have a voice. Everything has a voice - except for worms. Birds like to sing - I've been thinking about that.

5. How do flies walk on the ceiling? They have sticky feet and they stick to everything.

6. Why do you have freckles? Because angels are kissing me.

7. How did you learn to talk? My Dad taught me - Actually, I don't know.

8. Why do you have a belly button? Because I grew that way. All of us have a belly button.

9. Why are you ticklish? Because I just am.

10. Why do the stars shine? Because the sun is reflecting on them.

11. Where do babies come from? From Mommy's stomach.
PS: No matter your age or station…Your voice matters – Let it be heard!


Terresa said...

You have such inspiring thoughts and an expressive blog & Twitter voice.

I admire Covey, too. He rocks. And your son does, too. Deep thoughts that make you go Hmmmm. Thanks for the contemplative moments today.

Anonymous said...

I remember this exact survey I conducted in college years ago. Kaleb's answers were so sweet and so were Amalie's...I love the picture of Kaleb---I think you have the sweetest, cutest boys. I love you.

Lori A. May said...

Great blog. I found your link off twitter and am glad to have done so. This was so cute!

And yes, finding our voice is so important but not always easy. Sometimes it takes years to discover, but it’s all part of the process.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!