Saturday, August 15, 2009

What do you think about when you can’t fall to sleep?

Newport, Oregon - Wax Museum
Johnny Depp (Made of Wax) :)!!

When I can’t sleep, I think about words.
Last night it was S words –

Smile – When we smile our entire soul beams with joy. Smiles are infectious and easy to share. This smile word made me think of the smiles I bumped into during the day and the difference each one made.

Sneakers – Ugh! This is one word I could live without. Please choose to call them tennis shoes instead.

Simplify – When we simplify our lives, we open up the spaces inside ourselves to receive and share more joy. When we simplify, we release stress and sleep better. (Note to self: Simplify)

Slacks – When I hear this word, I think about polyester and the swishing sound it makes. This is not a favorite word of mine. I’d sleep better if people called them pants instead.

Slurpee – Best drink of summer! My favorite flavors are: Wild Cherry and Banana

Stunning – Tried to remember the last time anyone used that word … It’s a sassy word. I think we need to bring it back into style.

Savvy – This word makes me think of a famous Pirate named Jack Sparrow. And when I think of Jack Sparrow, I immediately think – Johnny Depp.

Luckily, my mind stopped at savvy and I found myself walking on a sandy beach in search of a soft bed to crash on for the night … and ahhhh – SLEEP at last.

Cheers to the last little moments of each day and to the stunning simple smiles that stay with us :) (Even if they are made of wax) ...

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Shaela said...

lol, what a fun little post. When I can't sleep I usually go through my day again and plan how I'll do better/change it tomorrow.