Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Haunted House Record … (ohhhhhh)

(1964 Album Cover)

My daughter and son have music lessons every week. The music shop where they receive their instruction is located in a shopping center in the middle of town. During their lessons, I have a half hour to wander and check out the latest arrivals in the nearby antique boutiques. Last week, my son (who is 12) joined me for my weekly ‘antique dash’ …

In one particular corner of a corner store, we found a collection of old records. The one that caught our eye was “CHILLING, THRILLING SOUNDS OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE” – we quickly started to read the back cover of the album and discovered that it contained the following sounds: Drips and splashes, Things in space, The Unsafe Bridge, Chinese Water Torture, Shipwreck and a Collection of Creaks.

I looked over and noticed that my son’s expression had changed to a hint of fear. This record was compiled by the Sound Crew at Disney in 1964. I think the main sound listed that caused my son the greatest amount of anxiety was – Screams and groans. Or perhaps his discomfort was coming from the warning at the bottom of the record which read: This particular Disneyland record, CHILLING, THRILLING Sounds of the Haunted House is not intended for young impressionable children from three to eight. It is intended for older children, teenagers and adults.

I asked my son if we should buy it for the upcoming Halloween holiday and he quickly responded (with a powerful) “NO!”

"Why not?" I asked.
"I just don’t think we would sleep if those sounds were playing in our old house.”
“Good point.” I said.

We left the record there and moved on.

PS: That little moment brings a spooky smile to my face every time I think of it.