Monday, September 27, 2010

'Scooter Lightening' Returns

Back in the 50’s having a hot car was the thing. Remember the scene from “Grease” and all the guys are in the car shop singing about the car? Well, my son who is 12 loves his scooter as much as those T-birds loved their cars – maybe even more so. He doesn’t have an actual scooter shop to sing and dance around in but he does have a passion for making his scooter ultra cool. Every time I see his ultra scooter machine I start to sing: “Scooter Lightening” …

OK back to the present - If you visit my son’s room, you’ll notice a container filled with scooter parts, bolts, hand bars, extra grips and tools. Late at night you can see the light escaping from underneath his door and hear the sound of clunky parts hitting the floor … he’d rather work on that scooter than sleep, watch TV or sometimes eat.

I knew he loved his scooter but didn’t realize just how much until the day it was stolen. Let me set the scene: It was 3:35 on a hot Thursday in August. I stopped at the scooter park to pick him up. To my amazement, I was met by five 12-year olds all talking at the same time. One of them was talking to the 911 dispatcher while the rest of them were shouting (in my face) about the events that had just occurred. Kaleb was the only one not talking. He was trying to be calm and fight back the tears. I knew something was wrong. And after gathering all the information from the crowd in front of me – I realized his favorite object in the world had been ripped off. Or should I say scooted off? Bottom line – my son was devastated.

To make a long story short, I am happy to report that we were helped by a very wonderful Officer who after getting a statement from my son was able to capture the older boy and the scooter. We went down to the Police Station to reclaim the much cherished object.

To our surprise, the Officer had the sticky fingered Thief come out and meet us and apologize for his wrong doings. It was a moment I’ll never forget. I’m hoping he won’t forget it either.

The look on my son’s face was of total relief and gratitude. His friend – The Scooter had been returned.

As we drove home, we had a few moments to talk about the choices people make and the lasting impact that each choice can and does have. I couldn’t help but say: “Kaleb I hope you never steal – look how it makes people feel.” He looked at me and said: “You don’t have to worry mom, I’ll never do that to anyone – ever.” And I said: “I know.”

Thank heavens for the little moments in life that help us grow, learn and become.
And thank heavens that ‘scooter lightening’ is home safe and sound …


Shaela said...

wow - what a great lesson, for all involved. I'm so glad that Caleb got his scooter back! Our own little Caleb has been eyeing those for awhile... we're going to get him one for Christmas. :)

Kami said...

That's amazing! So glad he got it back because that's rarely the case. I've had my bike stolen from outside my house twice when I lived there. Hopefully the boy who stole it learned a lesson too.