Friday, March 04, 2011

Inside the little brown bag ...

My son, Kaleb, was sick at the beginning of the week and he missed school on Monday and Tuesday. Luckily, he was feeling good enough to hit the halls again on Wednesday. (He's in the seventh grade).

While making his lunch, I decided to drop in a little note. I smiled to myself as I dropped him off at the middle school as I imagined what he would do when he looked into the bag and saw a love note from his mom ...

After school, we were running a couple of errands and (out of the blue) he said, "I kept the note you gave me."

To my surprise, he pulled the note out of his sweatshirt pocket. It was a sweet moment and reminder that the kind things we do for each other matter.

They matter so much that we hold onto them and tuck them away to keep and remember later!

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Erica said...

Love this. You are so sweet Wend!