Friday, March 11, 2011

A long line of LOVE ...

The Evan and Bessie Call family

Life does not happen to us, it happens from us.
~Michael Wickett

Evan Call (my Grandpa) on a bike for 4 :) ...!!

My Grandma Call - In Afton, Wyoming ... She is truly one of my heroes.

At Christmas, my Mom gave me a little disc of photos. The other night, I had a few moments so I opened the images via my laptop and was surprised at the emotions the photos evoked.

Setting the scene -It was late, the house was quiet – everyone was asleep (except for me)… All I could hear was the little hum from my computer as I sat at my desk. For about an hour I devoured the photos and was inspired by the legacy of my ancestors.

Little history -My Mom comes from a family of 14 children. She was number 10. I am grandchild number 54 (give or take a few numbers). The photos from this Christmas gift disc were images of my Grandma and Grandpa Call’s life.

I laughed and cried as I enjoyed every moment from the past. And I couldn’t help but think – WOW! I have a lot to live up to. And then I went to that beautiful place of gratitude and had nothing but pure admiration for their love, their example and their hard work through the years.
They believed in family more than anything else.

Is there anything that really matters more?

Evan and Bessie Call
Afton, Wyoming
Families are forever.

The above photos (along with many others) are on display in the Call Heritage Museum in Afton, Wyoming. This museum is the old house in Afton where my Grandparents raised their amazing family and where I spent many summers as a kid. The museum opened last summer and I was able to go with my family and join 250 + relatives for a weekend reunion that I'll never forget!

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for your legacy of love ...
I love you both.

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