Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to school 2014 ....

She rode.
He drove.

It's here, the first day of school!

6:30 am - My son drove off for his first day of his Junior year in high school. I waved and blew kisses. (I couldn't help myself ... I also wanted to shout: "Make good choices!" But I didn't.)

7:25 am - I rode my bike with my daughter to her friend's. As we were riding, I said something about us for sure needing to wear helmets in the future and she said: "Mom, you're not going to ride with me everyday ... are you?" No, I assured her. Just today. It's your first day of middle school!

Amazing how new school years have a way of helping us see time and it's flying wings - that never slow down or stop.

I hope my kids have a wonderful day!

Cheers to time and getting older and 'letting go' ....

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Crystal Collier said...

I'm never ready to see my kids grow up, but they do. My goodness, how to they grow so fast? It hit me recently that I only have 4 more years before my oldest heads out the door, and I'm SO not ready for that.