Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kissing in the rain ...

I have the opportunity to teach the young women in church on Sundays. This past month the topic has been about love, dating and marriage. It's been great to discuss their thoughts and ideas on the subject of love.
I remember as a teen, being asked to write a list of the traits I would like in a husband. I shared with the girls a few items I remember that seemed so very important at the time ... wear cowboy boots, make me laugh, wear penny loafers (with pennies), write me love notes and so on. It was a long list! And I remember thinking my dream man would be perfect!
Thankfully, time and experience have taught me a great deal - and it was wonderful to be able to talk to the young women about the real things in a relationship that make it work or not work. Yes, love notes will always be important! My husband and I have been married for 21 years and together, we have learned and continue to learn how to make our marriage wonderful.
Don't worry - I didn't smother their dreams for romance and happily ever after. I just let them know that love isn't just about kissing in the rain and cowboy boots.
We talked about how love takes time. Love lifts you up. Love heals and mends and believes and is patient and kind. We also discussed how marriage takes work and effort and a desire to help another person be happy.
It's been a great month of conversations about love, marriage and the reason it matters.
Wait for it I told them. Your Prince will find you - or you'll find him!
Yes, I let them know that kissing in the rain is really romantic. :)
Mostly, I encouraged them to become the best version of them possible so that when the time was right to marry, they would bring good stuff to the relationship and would be able to stand the 'storms of life' that would most likely come!
It's the best adventure there is. LOVE. Marriage and family.
If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently. …
It becomes special because you have made it so


Kimberly Nelson said...
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Kimberly Nelson said...

My goodness those Young Women are lucky to have you!!