Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Don't You Dare Shrink!

Have you ever wanted to shrink? I have.

Don't do it. Stand tall - hold your ground.

This happens often - people feel insecure and they shrink, play small because of a situation they find themselves in.

Why? I believe it's because we feel alone or afraid of what might happen if we don't shrink. It's scary to stand out or up for something when you might be the only one.

I was at a youth activity last night (with teens at my church) and was noticing how one really negative attitude (being shown by one person) was affecting everyone present.

ONE person being negative can sink a ship! However, that can only happen if the rest of the members on board shrink and play small and are consumed by the negative, dark side!

It was a great teaching moment. Don't shrink mateys - just be your happy selves and steer your mighty ship forward into the great adventures ahead! The dark cloud will either stay where it's at and continue to rain and dampen those around it or it can let the light in and join the happy side!

Playing small never served anyone... stand tall for the good, happy stuff.

Amazing things happen!


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