Monday, February 02, 2015

Paying it with LOVE ...

Let me just say: We didn't watch the Super Bowl yesterday ... 
so we didn't see the Super Bowl Ads ...

At the beginning of the year, my daughter broke her arm. (She was sledding out of town with a cousin and we received text messages from the ER with updates.) It was a bit traumatic and not the ideal way to start a new year. (We learned a lot together from this experience!)

Jump forward 4 weeks and it's time to have the cast removed! Today was the big day...

8:00 AM - cast off. x-rays taken.

8:30 - Meet with the Dr. - get instructions on how to get the arm moving again ... reminded that it's still broken and fragile. (The arm is much smaller than the other arm due to being stuck in the cast and restrained from movement.) My daughter felt a little discouraged ... (I think she thought once the cast was off, it would be all better.)

I offer encouragement as we check out. We got this! We can do this ... So proud of you!

8:45 - Walked out the door ... I planned on taking her straight to school. She was a little bummed that the appointment didn't take longer as she wanted to miss first and second period :) ... remember those days?

She mentions how much she likes McDonald's pancakes...

8:55 - At McDonald's - we order her breakfast!

Cashier: "Hug!"

I wasn't sure what was going on ... there were people behind us full of smiles ... So I give my daughter a side-half hug ...

I try to pay with my debit card ...

Cashier: "You've probably seen the commercials ...You can pay with love!"

I see the total and try to pay again with my card.

Cashier: "Just hug ... and your meal is paid for!"


Love. It matters.

This morning will stay with us for a long time ... great reminder of how important kindness is and how good it feels to give and share love!

Thanks McDonald's - WE GOT THIS.

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