Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A weekend escape to the mountains...!

My husband and I celebrated our 16 year anniversary last weekend - Ohh la la!
It was the perfect trip :) We were surrounded by gorgeous Mountains, flea markets, yummy food and antique shops galore! Special thanks to my romantic guy for the weekend escape!
Loved checking out all the cool vintage shops!
Just had to snap a photo of this huge bowl of lemons. We stopped along the highway to check out a giant flea market - There were food vendors sprinkled throughout the town and it was so fun to get lost in the crowd and busy flow of people!

I fell in love with this antique set of rose china - oh it was gorgeous!

We were driving along the highway and stopped to capture Mt. Rainer on film! I love mountains and find them so inspiring and full of WOW! We were blessed with splendid weather - couldn't believe how perfect it was!!

We made a visit to the Mt. St. Helens monument and looked in awe at the mighty mountain that 29 years ago caused all sorts of havoc in our state! From this sign, there was a great view of Mt. St. Helens :) My photo didn't turn out so well of that mountain but I did get this sign :)!!

Check out that vintage bike - LOVE it. I think old stuff is so charming and romantic ...

Grabbed a peach Italian Soda at the flea market... :) Yum!! PS: Found some cool, old stuff at bargain prices!
Note to self: Take time to spend time with the ones you love! It enriches the relationship, creates lasting memories and most of all - REMINDS us that time together doing the things we LOVE adds value to the journey of life!! :)


Terresa said...

I love flea markets, lemons and vintage bikes, too. Sounds like a dreamy getaway!

Nettalou said...

What a wonderful weekend! I had to chuckle because my family went right by that flea market on our way home from Camp Zarahemla. I wanted to stop but we had very tired children from 4 days of our homeschool outdoor school. So nice to see the cool pictures.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Happy Anniversary to you two! Way to get out and do something together. That's my goal this year. I'm sad we couldn't get together again while I was in town. Schedules can be crazy, huh? I love you Wend...and sure love that you are my big sister.