Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It demands to be felt.

What I know ... pain is real. Especially emotional pain.
And when we are hurting - we need to pay attention.

Stuffing stuff away does not help anyone.

Pain... it demands our time, focus and energy.

To everything there is a season ...

A time to cry
A time to laugh
A time to dance
 A time to miss
A time to mourn
A time to reach out
A time to be silent
A time to speak
My heart goes out to all of those in pain ...
Please know that God is listening and hears your prayers.

Please move forward with faith and know that better days are ahead.
With and through the tough days, we can grow, learn and become!

A few ways to deal with pain -

Talk to a trusted friend
Move forward
Write in a journal
Be patient with yourself
Get extra sleep
Spend time outside
Seek professional help

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