Monday, August 10, 2015

You are capable of more than you know.

I was at church yesterday and heard something really great. That usually happens to me every Sunday - at church. God often uses people to answer our prayers, or to add inspiration and knowledge to our minds ...

Anyhow, the quote was this - "No matter the question, love is the answer."


Love is the answer. Every single time.

There are times when it seems easier to just act with anger, or to ignore or to become a victim or to blame or to insult or belittle.

None of those work. They add up to regret and sorrow.

The answer is always act with love. No matter what.

Love lifts, it heals, it inspires, and mostly, it is healthy and allows people to move forward!

Today, tap into that source inside of you that is full of love and forgiveness and share it!

Use your love to lift.

You are capable of more than you know.
Choose to LOVE.

Invite Heavenly Father to be part of your loving equation ... pray. He is there. He listens and will lead you along!

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