Monday, August 03, 2015

Walking the Freedom Trail in Boston, MA ...

The Freedom Trail contains 16 sites across three neighborhoods. The way is marked by red bricks through the city. Kind of like following the yellow brick road.

Yes, you get smarter as you go - so much to see, learn and experience!

This was an incredible historical journey for me! I loved visiting the Old North Church, The Bunker Hill Monument, The Boston Massacre Site, Paul Revere's house, The USS Constitution (AKA Old Ironsides), and the Old State House.

I've had a chance to reflect on that Freedom Trail, and made the conclusion that we all have a trail of our own to create and mark.


If you get the chance to visit Boston, carve out time to walk The Freedom Trail - along the streets of Boston - you won't be sorry!

For more information visit: BOSTON FREEDOM TRAIL

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